Wednesday, 4 November 2015

WOW it's been a while

It's been a while. Just to say i'll be moving the blog to wordpress in the coming weeks with a fresh new design and focus, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

HTC Desire S OTA Sense 3 update

I will add more information once I have had a full play around with the new interface.

I am with the 3 network in UK, but my handset it non branded and is now running Androif 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0.

What is certain is that the new upgrade is smooth and was painless and the device seems to be running smoother than with 2.3.3. There is a new task manager in the notifications now and the new lock screen is cool. I have not had a full chance to test it fully yet but you will read more about this in the coming days once i have had a proper play around, stay tuned.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Removing Delicious Tags

delicious bookmarks

I finally made the jump, recently, to try out Google Chrome. My main issue before was that it did not support my password manager of choice Roboform (a separate posting for this later!). Anyway the latest Chrome and Roboform seem to work well together, so it was high time I jumped in!

Social Bookmarks

The issue that became glaringly obvious was, how would I manage my bookmarks now that I flip between my main browser, Firefox, and Chrome?

This was when I came across (there are many others!). Billed as a 'social bookmarking' site whereby you could essentially share your all time favourite bookmarks online or just have a list of bookmarks you can access anywhere...the latter was the reason why I mainly use it.

Anyway using it is pretty straight forward, you just import your bookmarks and off you go with editing the tags etc. However I came across a quirk with the display mode and the remove tag option.

Removing Tags Quirk

Bear in mind the post date and things may change later, but here is what I found odd. If you select the 'Bulk edit' option from the right and have 'Display Options' set to 'detail level: low' the 'Remove Tag' option is lost!


I don't know if this is deliberate but it was so confusing to a new user who could not edit tags! Hopefully this may help some new user out! Why it is removed anyway?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Searching old Twitter Tweets...

Delved deeper into Twitter, as a sort of log and collection of thoughts. I was very surprised to find the search function a bit lacking....maybe this is by design but I can't see why they would deliberately limit the search functionality?

I found that to search my own tweets I needed to use some external search functionality or to have my tweets archived? Now is this really necessary? All my tweets are already stored on Twitter!

Anyway rant over, I found a page which gives good info on the different ways to find your old tweets. You can see them at One Man's Blog.

How to Backup Thunderbird

I have been having a few issues with Mozilla Thunderbird lately. Looking around on how to backup Thunderbird gave me a mass of text which is not the easiest to follow! So let's try and make it simple.

If you don't know already Thunderbird is an email client from Mozilla. You can check out Thunderbird here. If you are were a user and fan of Outlook Express (yes i know it was eons ago), then you would probably like Thunderbird. It's highly customisable and  simple to use.

Backing Up

There are 2 ways to backup - using backup tools or manually.

An example tool is MozBackup, I've not tried it, it was just the first result that came up in Google search!

Do it Manually - it's EASY!

If like me you don't like clogging up your system and like to know how things are done - do it manually.

1) ----- Find out where your profile is stored. Select the Run command (I'll be using Windows 7)

If you don't have the Run command on the right (you can get it by customising the start menu), then just type Run in the search box and it will be the first thing returned.

2) ----- Type in "Thunderbird -profilemanager" (without the quotation marks). Make sure Thunderbird is not running or it will just bring up the Thunderbird window.

I fail in the screen capture here! I have 2 profiles, you most likely will have one if it's your own PC. Place the mouse on the profile and a box will pop up showing where your profile is located...I couldn't capture this. Alternatively click "Delete Profile" and you'll be given

Just cancel it afterwards.

3) ----- Navigate to the folder and copy the whole folder somewhere for safe keeping. It contains a lot of files and directories, you need them all.

4) ----- Congrats you have just backed up your Thunderbird profile!

I'll write more about how to restore and merge profiles and fix corruptions issues later, thanks.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Computer System Hardware

The Hidden Computer Specification
When purchasing a computer, the main system element we are drawn towards to gauge speed is the processor. Is it an AMD or Intel? Single core or more? How many GHz? While we would like to have as much power as possible at our fingertips, truth is, for many, the processor should be the least of their specification requirement.
For the average user, watching a movie, surfing the web, working the spreadsheet or word processing, the latest and greatest Core I7 or AMD Phenoms (at time of writing) are very much overkill.

There is one crucial hardware specification which is often overlooked. It is always hidden, yet is a major factor affecting the main user experience. The hard drive.

What am I talking about?

Yes, the size is clearly stated and maybe even rotation speed, but what is never advertised is the make and model and this is CRUCIAL! Not all hard drives are created equal and there is a HUGE disparity between performance. Ultimately, the main bottle neck in your computer is the hard drive.

Ever wondered why two systems with the supposed same specification, respond differently? What makes it worse is that buying the same make/model of computer does not guarantee it to be using the same hard drive and ultimately performances may differ between two identical models!

So next time out shopping for a new machine bear this in mind, but you won't really know until you get it home!

Should manfacturers give hard drive specifications on the label? 
Why is this not done already?